List of Banglar Bari All Orders

Date Description Detail
20-02-2023 Advisory: Key findings of the Performance Audit conducted by the AG WB
17-04-2023 Issue of notices to beneficiaries yet to complete the Dwelling Units but have reached the Roof Level
17-04-2023 Immediate augmentation of ‘Non-Started DUs’ for sanctioned upto FY 2021-22 under PMAY-HFA(U)
19-04-2022 Partial modification on SoP for the contribution of ULB share in ID Work for State Share release under Housing for All (U)
06-06-2022 Guidelines for engagement of 'Prokolpo Bandhu' from amongst the member of the Self Help Group under the Swamsiddha Programme
20-01-2021 Order on Online Building Plan
01-01-3113 31
20-05-2020 Fund entitlement for construction of Dwelling Units under PMAY-HFA(U)-Addendum
24-03-2022 Commencement of non Started Dwelling Units
15-03-2022 Intimation on Timeline for credit limit set for PMAY (U)
18-01-2022 Submission of documents along with the DPR for FY 2021-22 under Banglar Bari Scheme
08-06-2020 Roles & responsibilities of Municipal Civil Engineers as part of the CLTC.
11-07-2021 Reallocation of ULBs among SLTC.
31-07-2021 Draft template of backdrop for upcoming event on Banglar Bari Scheme.
11-07-2021 Data Entry & attachment of all beneficiary proposed in DPR for Banglar Bari (HFA-U) programme.
14-09-2021 ULB Details required in connection with integration with the PFMS portal.
25-11-2020 Activities / Action under HFA programme.
04-12-2020 Data Compliance drive in PMAY-MIS Portal for claiming 3rd instalment from GoI
26-10-2021 List of General records & Individual Case records to be maintained for the ‘Banglar Bari’ Scheme.
16-12-2021 Submission of DPR for ‘Banglar Bari’ Scheme
05-03-2022 Registration of all beneficiaries in the PFMS portal due for payment/to be due to receive subsequent instalments under the Banglar Bari Scheme
12-02-2019 Online Physical and Financial progress in PMAY – MIS
07-11-2019 Entry of Beneficiary with Completion Status in PMAY-MIS portal
19-10-2019 Operational Guideline of Banglar Bari/ Affordable Housing Projects in Partnership
19-08-2020 Procedure for removal of beneficiaries for the Projects 2015-16 or 2016-17
08-10-2015 Workshop on appraisal of HFAPoA
25-06-2015 PMAY-HFA(U) Guidlines
11-02-2016 Implementation Procedure of projects under PMAY-HFA(U) in the Urban Local Bodies in the State
12-09-2015 Demand Survey for Identification of Eligible Household in the Urban Local Bodies under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (Housing for All by 2022)